• How to plan an

    effective and innovative

    electoral campaign?


  • Luís Kimaid and David Meneses

    discuss the challenges of

    managing electoral campaigns in Brazil

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    Foreign Service Providers for Electoral campaigns in Brazil

    Foreign individuals interested

    in Brazilian elections

  • Deepdive on the

    Course Bússola Campanhas

    The masterclass includes content that will impact from your understanding of the Electoral Political System in Brazil to: Digital Campaign, Voter Behaviour Analysis, Campaign Team Building, Crisis Management, Budget Design and Fundraising Campaign Strategy, implementation campaign strategy with the voter, the Ground Game.


    In our online environment, you will be able to discuss content and share your experiences with candidates all over Brazil. Get ready to exchange experiences with candidates and teams from over 5,570 municipalities in Brazil.


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    None of students data will be disclosed to Political Parties, Companies, nor to the Press

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