• Promoting bold ideas to connect citizens to Parliament

    Bússola Tech is an organisation that seeks to connect the best experiences of society and political representation in Parliament. This means learning from the boldest experiences and making them come true, to bring the citizen closer to their representative. That's why we stay clear nights and spend weekends testing new ideas.

  • The Tech

    How can technology do the heavy lifting for us? We believe technology has an essential role and should be one of the tools of the digital citizen. It makes distances and time irrelevant and allows each one to play a leading role in the public arena. We create visual, interactive and user-friendly tools to assist citizens in the public arena. It is always the center of the platform and has control over all analysis parameters. Our approach is collaborative, guided by the use of data, technology.

  • Human Centred

    What good is a transformative tool if we are not able to use it to its full potential? We believe that human development in the process of innovation within the government is essential to rethink its role in the digital revolution. We therefore work hard to understand the demands of citizens, civil servants and members of the legislature to support bold ideas that can transform the world. Our trainings start from the premise of assimilating content by the student in the learning process and put the protagonism of the search for answers and new questions in their hands.

  • An unshared dream is a dead dream

    We believe in the power of collaboration and networking to drive projects and the relevance of the ecosystem. That's why we act to connect brilliant ideas that can transform the world. We have a series of meetings and events that promote new questions, questions and ideas that reach the frontier of knowledge.

  • Our Team

    Luís Kimaid

    CEO/ Co-founder

    Vitor Crivano

    Chief Technology Officer

    Sarah Fernn

    Marketing Manager

    Fábio Almeida

    Public Policy Advisor

    Coral Michelin

    Strategic Design Consultant